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Savannah Cats

The Savannah is a hybrid cat breed, being a cross between a Wild Serval and a Domestic Cat.

Savannahs are relatively large, elegant and graceful spotted cats with huge ears. They are intelligent, loyal and social companions with lovely temperaments.

The first recognised Savannah was bred in 1986 by Judee Frank. The breed was accepted by The International Cat Association, (TICA) for registration in 2001 and for championship status in 2012.

TICA currently recognises three colours for the Savannah, Brown Spotted, Silver Spotted and Smoke Spotted.

Savannahs are classified according to how many generations they are removed from having a wild Serval parent.

  • F1 class have a Serval as a parent
  • F2 class have a Serval as a grand parent
  • F3 class have a Serval as a great grand parent.
  • F4 class have a Serval as a great, great grand parent.
  • F5 class is five generations removed from the Serval and so on.

When breeding, the resultant litter will take the class of the parent furthest removed from the wild, so the result of a F4 and F5 mating will be classed as F5.

Savannahs have remarkable personalities. They are very curious, assertive cats who seek out adventure at every opportunity. They are also very loyal and will bond strongly with their human families.

They are not lap cats, but will show affection on their own terms, often by greeting family members at the door, following them around and giving frequent head-butts.

They can easily be trained to walk on a lead with a harness, and most love to play games such as fetch.

Savannahs are unique and amazing felines. Most people who own or have met Savannahs will say that they have never met a cat like them and become avid fans.