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Basic Care

When it comes to raising Savannah Kittens into adulthood the philosophy is to expect what you put into them. If you provide proper daily care and training while young, it will result into healthy well-adjusted adults. If your considering adopted a Savannah Kitten you will need to preform kitten-proofing, obtain necessary care items and pick a quarantine room. As a cat owner you also need crucial details on how to provide proper exercise that is both physically adequate and mentally enriching.

KITTEN PROOFING - Kitten-proofing your home helps ensure your kitten's safety as well as your own. Kittens are lively and curious, which can lead them into serious trouble unless you take preventative measures. Also, remember that a kitten has a lower vantage point than yours — like a baby who has begun to crawl — and may be attracted to things you do not see when you are standing. It's practically impossible to absolutely kitten-proof your home against all accidents, but for your kitten's safety here are some suggestions.